Pelan Village offers an exceptional chance to live in the jungle of Chichijima in the Ogasawara Islands.

Our rooms are located in hand-built log cabins, complete with a solar-powered shower, communal kitchen, and eco-friendly composting toilets. Upon your arrival, we celebrate with a communal dinner and wave you off at the harbor when you depart on the Ogasawara-maru boat. While guests are expected to prepare their own breakfast and lunch, dinner is often a fun way to get to know other international guests over a shared meal.

You can complement your stay with yoga lessons, relaxing massage sessions, or adventurous kayak tours.

There are multiple gorgeous beaches just a bus ride away. Ogiura Beach, which is great for snorkeling or swimming, is just a 10 minute walk down the hill. There are coffees shops and a family-owned bar and restaurant down the way.

Please contact us for a quote, as prices vary from ¥3500 to¥5000/night. Prices include ferry-pickup and dropoff.

Pelan Village hopes you will join us as you explore this incredible tropical paradise.


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