Day Trips

The “Omakase” Kayak Tour



Just leave it up to Ryo, your kayak instructor, and set off on an incredible kayaking adventure!


This course takes your kayaking experience and the weather into consideration. Your instructor, Ryo, will decide the best route, depending on your experience. In this course, you will use a technical single-person sea kayak, complete with two small storage spaces. This is a great class to take if you want to build your kayaking skills and polish your technique.

There are an unlimited number of beaches on Ogasawara so you can even visit the smallest beaches, totally unpopulated except for tiny little crabs and beautiful fish. We will lend you life-vests. A delicious lunch on the beach is part of this tour, with tea afterwards. Rental snorkeling equipment is available for ¥500. The trip is 8:30-4:30.



The John & Jinny Beach Kayak Tour


Explore blindingly white gorgeous sandy beaches and bonin blue waters on this tour.


This kayak tour takes you to Jinny Beach, a gorgeous shore that you cannot reach by land. In this tour, the kayaks used are called tandem open deck kayaks, best for calm weather conditions. These kayaks can fit two people and are great for beginners who are up for a challenge to kayak a far distance.

Recently, the surrounding eco-system has become rather fragile, so this beautiful area is only reachable by boat. This excursion is not to be missed! Lunch, safety equipment, and snorkeling gear is supplied.

The trip is 8:30-4:30.


Hiking for an incredible view.

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