Special Tours


Let’s go on an expedition to the ocean and mountain of Ogasawara by sea kayak.
With a Pelan special tour, you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming fishing, and jungle trekking. Pelan will take you to forests where the fruit bats are flying and the luminescent Green Pepe fungi are shining.

After an enjoyable day at sea, let’s have a beer while watching the sunset from the balcony at Pelan Village. If you are lucky, you may see a whale breach in the distance. Special tours are offered during New Years, Golden Week, and during the heat of summer.


New Years Day Special Tour

Every New Years day, Pelan Pelan offers a special tour that begins on the shores of Minamijima and ends on the sandy beaches of a far-off island to greet the new year as the sun rises.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to proudly say that you were one of the very first people in Japan to have stepped in the ocean during the new year.


Tour schedule

Day 1    10:00am leave Tokyo on the Ogasawaramaru ferry
Day 2      11:30 am arrive at Chichijima   Jungle trekking in the afternoon, and welcome potluck party at night (please bring a dish to share)

Day 3     Sea kayak tour (day 1) around sunken war ships

Day 4     Sea kayak tour (day2)
Day 5     Free day and jungle trekking for new guests
Day 6     Sea kayak tour (day 3) around Port Roid war record and peace tour for new guests.  Free day for long term guests.
Day 7      Sea kayak tour (day 4) Minamijima tour in morning or Anijima tour. Join the farewell party in town.
Day 8       Free time in the a.m. The ship leaves at 2:00 pm.
Day 9      The ship arrives at Tokyo’s Takeshiba Pier at 3:30 pm

# Camping is not allowed on Ogasawara. Special Tour Sea Kayak guests will reserve rooms to stay in Pelan Village every night.
#The kitchen facilities are communal. We share cooking and cleaning duties with staff and guests.
#During bad weather conditions, we will change the activities from sea kayaking to jungle trekking, body-boarding, etc.

Tour Fee

Long tour (Whole day)

Adult ¥65,000    Student ¥50000
Children (under 12 years old) ¥40000

Short tour (Half day)
Adult ¥40000     Student ¥35000
Children(under 12 years old) ¥30000

#The Special Tour Package does not include boat or hotel costs.
#Special tour guests will receive a 10% discount off of their stay at Pelan Village.
#The special tours includes sea kayak rental and meals. Sea kayak tour/rental gear/stay/food
(((if you have you better bring those things)))
Wear to swim/beach sandal(not tick soled)/rain wear/flash light
My cup/my chopstick/water bottle/snorkeling set/wetsuits


After you book the this tour please deposit ¥1000 to the account detailed below.

Bank name:     Tokyo Tousho Nougyoukumiai
Branch name:    Ogasawara Chichijima
Account number:     Futuu  1111756
Account name:     Ryoichi Shimizu


Fish caught on a kayak tour. These are delicious when grilled over hot charcoal, or simmered in savory stew.


There is a children’s camp every summer. Kids get to surf, kayak, hike, and eat delicious food together! It makes for a wonderful time.

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