Chika Yoga Class Descriptions



Morning Yoga

Witness the overwhelming beauty of the island sunrise as you do sun salutations and watch whales breaching in the distant ocean. You will be greet a bright new day at one of the highest points on the island at the Weather Station, with an incredible view of the surrounding islands.

I lead this unique class in the early morning, with satsanga (communal philosophical discussions), prayanayama (breath control exercises), meditation mantras, assana yoga poses, and sun salutations. The sun will bathe your body in warm light as you move in sync with your classmates.

This class is split between standing and movement poses and sedentary relaxation poses. This course is suitable for beginners as well as all levels.

Join us every Sunday from 6:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. at the Weather Station.

(Times vary a little according to the season. Location varies from Maehama Beach, Komagari Botanical Gardens, O-oneyama Cemetary).

Class fees are donation based.


Hatha Yoga

In this beginner’s class, you will be able to relax your entire body through a series of assana exercises. I lead the class with healing communal discussion and then segues into restful deep breathing exercises.

You will tap into a deeper sense of inner peace and being with meditation mantras and relaxing asana poses. Hatha yoga focuses on a careful and thorough relaxation of the entire body while healing the mind.

Throughout the class, we will focus on the balance of the body and the mind so that you come away feeling cleansed and ready for a new day. While all levels are invited to join, this course is especially good for beginner yogis.

Join us every Friday from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at Copepe Beach.

On rainy days, we relocate to Okumura Koryu Center.

Class fees are donation based.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

In this class, we emphasize active movements and breath syncopation. This type of yoga is like a kind of dance; a dance between the movement of the inner organs, the breath that acts as a musical beat, the body’s physical movements in space.

The exercises in this class will leave you feeling spiritually pure and stretched.

If you want to join this class then be sure you aren’t afraid of a lot of hardwork and sweat!

Join us as we move, twice a month during the ship’s departure time, from 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m, at Ogiura Koryu Center.

Times vary so please check the monthly schedule on the website or message me.

Class fees are donation based.

***Reccomendation: Before you come to this course, it is best if you eat lunch earlier than usual to allow your stomach to digest. That way, you will feel light and totally ready for vinyasa yoga.

Full Moon Meditation

Every month during the evening of the full moon I host a relaxing meditation class. At the beginning, I lead with a little yoga, breath control exercises, meditation mantras, and at the end, there is a 20 minute long guided meditation.

During this class, we light candles for quiet meditation so that you can find peace within your mind.

Join us every full moon, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m, at Ogiura Koryu Center. Location varies.

Class fees are donation based.

Sunrise Yoga

When it looks like it’ll be a splendid day tomorrow, there is a Sunrise Yoga class held on the east side of the island. There, we will be able to see the sunrise from the horizon and will do yoga as the sun rises. It is so beautiful that we just feel overwhelming gratitude for the earth and its abundant life.

Sunrise yoga is similar to morning yoga, and is split between standing movement poses and sedentary relaxation poses.

This class is not held regularly, and is 90 minutes in duration. The class is held in front of Mt. Kasayama.

If you want to attend this class, please get in touch with me to request a group session, and I will try my best to arrange it.

If I has a sudden change of plans, I will be sure to let you know about rescheduling via facebook or blog update.

Class fees are donation based.

Yoga Retreat

This yoga course is held over three days to teach beginners the basic routine. It is also a great refresher for experienced yogis and a good way to hone a specific posture.

It is a course for tourists and for islanders and if you want to take this course please contact me to arrange it.

The course is 3 days in length from 7:30-8:30, held at Copepe Beach or Pelan Village.

For three days, it costs ¥5,000. (There is a discount for Bonin Islanders.)

***Notice: You can also reserve accomodation at eco-tourist Pelan Village. Their website is here.


Private Classes

Private classes are available for individual sessions or group classes, especially if you can’t make the other class times. You can choose what kind of yoga you want to focus on during a private class.

To arrange a private class, please contact me.

90 minutes for 1 person is ¥2000.

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