Pelan Village is host to three different log cabins, all hand-built by the Shimizu Family. Guests staying with Pelan have access to a shared kitchen and lounge, large wooden deck and hammock, and shared shower, bathroom, and toilet facilities.

Click on each subsection to read more about each cabin. Each cabin is the same price.


Pelan Village offers an exceptional chance to live in the jungle of Chichijima in the Ogasawara Islands.

Our rooms are located in hand-built log cabins, complete with a solar-powered shower, communal kitchen, and eco-friendly composting toilets. Upon your arrival, we celebrate with a communal dinner and wave you off at the harbor when you depart on the Ogasawara-maru boat. While guests are expected to prepare their own breakfast and lunch, dinner is often a fun way to get to know other international guests over a shared meal.

You can complement your stay with yoga lessons, relaxing massage sessions, or adventurous kayak tours.

There are multiple gorgeous beaches just a bus ride away. Ogiura Beach, which is great for snorkeling or swimming, is just a 10 minute walk down the hill. There are coffees shops and a family-owned bar and restaurant down the way.

Please contact us for a quote, as prices vary from ¥3500 to¥5000/night. Prices include ferry-pickup and dropoff.

Pelan Village hopes you will join us as you explore this incredible tropical paradise.

Pelan Pelan Sea Kayak Club


The Ogasawara Archipelago is home to more than 30 tropical and subtropical islands, most of which are uninhabited. With Pelan Pelan Sea Kayaking Club, you can visit these uninhabited islands and explore nature at its wildest.


There are many endemic species both on land and in the sea. With Pelan, you can explore the South Island called Anijima, a mysterious island made of limestone. Countless snails became semi-fossils over hundreds of thousands of year, slowly building up to create hills and valleys and finally, the island that we call Anijima. It is covered with rare dry shrubs, and full of colorful fish and thriving coral ecosystems.

Join Pelan Pelan Sea Kayaking Club to adventure in nature. Your sea kayak instructor, Ryo, has been leading kayak tours for more than two decades, alongside cavorting dolphins and bright-eyed sea turtles.





Web       www.pelan.jp

Mail        pelan@pelan.jp

Tel          04998-2-3386

Ogasawara Village Tourist Association

Web      http://www.ogasawaramura.com

Tel        04998-2-2587

Ogasawara Kaiun (ferry)

Web      www.ogasawarakaiun.co.jp

Tel  (booking) 03-3451-5171

      (Takesiba) 03-3433-1251

      (Titijima)  04998-2-2111


Advice on how to buy Ogasawara Maru tickets.

The Ogasawaramaru ferry only leaves Tokyo once a week, and has a carrying capacity of about 800 passengers. The trip from the Takeshiba pier in Tokyo to Chichijima in Ogasawara is about 25 hours long. Check out the Ogasawara Tourist Village Association website for more information about what to expect on the islands and how to navigate Takeshiba pier.

You can either buy them on the phone or at the ferry office at the Tokyo Takeshiba harbor. Detailed instructions on how to buy tickets are outlined on the ferry website: click here for information.

General information in English also can be found here and the sailing schedule can be accessed here. Information about things to do on the island are described here.

Tickets are sold up to three months before boarding.

It is really important that you check the departure and arrival dates of the Ogasawara Kaiun, as the ship can get delayed according to the weather and tides.

There are 3 ways to get tickets.

①You go directly to the tickets counter at the Takeshiba harbor in Tokyo.

During the holiday seasons (especially New Years, Golden Week, and Obon) there can be really long lines and the wait can last hours. During the low season you can buy tickets on the day you board.

②You can buy ferry tickets from the tourist company “National Land”. If you email them in English they can give you instructions on how to reserve tickets. They charge a fee but this is an easy way for foreigners to obtain tickets.

National Land
TEL:  03-3431-3001(mondayfriday10:00~18:00
Web: http://www.04998.net
National Land representatives can communicate in both English & Spanish.
Acepta unas preguntas en español tambièn.

③There are ticket machines selling Ogasawaramaru tickets in convenience stores in Japan.

As soon as tickets for the desired date of boarding begins, head to these machines at 9 am and try to get tickets. Even if you are unable to obtain tickets, try again over a period of many days afterward.

Forewarning: competition for buying tickets is really high during these times: New Years holiday, Golden Week (end of April- beginning of May), August, and March. During other season it is easy to buy tickets at the Tokyo Takeshiba harbor.




Islanders wave tourists off with music, taiko drumming, and Hawaiian leis. Photo by Dale Robinson Photography.