Beach Grass Cabin


Welcome to the Beach Grass Cabin, hand-built from a Finnish log-cabin kit and set into the depths of the jungle (or a 1 minute walk from Pelan’s lounge and deck). You will be sharing a large wooden terrace with the occupants of the Pink Shell Cabin, and the shower and bathroom are nearby. The way the accommodation rates at Pelan work, the longer you stay, the cheaper it costs per night, so we hope you stay for as long as you can- the shy green and brown geckoes might even pay you a visit after a few days!

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In this cabin, there is a bunk bed that can accommodate two, a window on each wall to let in the cool jungle breeze, two handmade laundry hangers, an indoor laundry line set up high near the ceiling, a small low-lying wooden table, and a foldout couch that can accommodate another guest.

Won’t you stay with Pelan in the jungle?